CASALE PROJECT a.s. provides services in designing, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning management in execution of the investments of the industrial product lines related to nitrogen chemistry investments: nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, urea wet and granulation, ammonia, methanol, melamine and aniline.


Product lines

CASALE PROJECT a.s.  employees have been completing EPC projects in the chemical industry particularly in nitrogen fertilizer branch for over the last 20 years focusing on the complex engineering activities and EPC projects particularly in the areas of nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, urea wet, urea granulation and aniline.

This EPC experience has resulted in designs that minimize plot area, reduce cable and pipe runs and optimize structural design. All these aspects contribute to produce a design that is cost effective to build without compromising on operability and quality.


Core business

CASALE PROJECT a.s. main focus and major experience is in nitrogen chemistry based on technology provided by its sister company CASALE S.A. (Switzerland).


Commitment to HSE

The philosophy on the Company is that no task is so important or so urgent in our business, or our customer’s business, that it overrides the need to work safely. CASALE PROJECT a.s.  will always place the highest priority on health, safety and the environment. During the design phase every opportunity is taken to build safety into the design  making the plants inherently safer. When the project moves to site, CASALE PROJECT a.s. manages safety using its 12 elements that proactively address all aspects of design, procurement and construction – enabling the development of a positive, trusting and open safety culture CASALE PROJECT a.s. safety record demonstrates that the framework delivers positive results.


Our way to minimize risk

  1. Leadership
  2. Selection and competency
  3. Engineering and project management
  4. Working with licensors
  5. Working with customers
  6. Assessments and measures
  7. Risk evaluation
  8. Working with subcontractors and vendors
  9. Site management
  10. HSE site management
  11. Caring for employees
  12. Emergency management