Urea/ Urea Granulation

Urea/ Urea Granulation

CASALE PROJECT a.s. has been successfully involved since its inception in designing and commissioning urea plants. Already in the year 1970, the first two contracts were awarded by VEB Stickstoffwerk Piesteritz in Germany.

In the early 70’s and ‘80’s, three units with capacity of 1050 MTPD each were designed and successfully put into operation. Subsequently, all the other urea plants followed.

6 plants were designed for production of urea with low biuret content using crystallization technology and urea melt prilling. The other units are standard evaporation-based processes and urea melt, producing either prilled or granulated urea with standard biuret content.

So far, CASELE PROJECT a.s. has engineered and supplied a total of 18 new urea plants, 4 granulation units and 4 urea plant revamping projects. The design capacity of single new plants ranges from 1000 up to 2000 MTPD.