Aniline is one of the basic organic chemicals used as an intermediate in the production of other chemicals (dyes, antioxidants, rubber and plastic additives and special chemicals). More recently, it has been especially in demand as raw material for the manufacture of polyurethane-MDI foam components (accounting for the consumption of roughly 75% of aniline).

The technology to produce aniline by means of catalytic hydrogenation of nitrobenzene has been jointly developed by BorsodChem MCHZ Ostrava, s.r.o. (formerly Moravské chemické závody) and the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, now based on reputed licensor.

This process has distinctive technical and economic features, which allows to rank it among the best worlwide. The aniline production unit comprises three basic technological units: the hydrogenation train(s), the aniline rectification and the aniline water treatment.



New nitrobenzene hydrogenetion train, BorsodChem MCHZ, s.r.o. Ostrava, CR