Ammonium Nitrate

The Ammonium Nitrate plants offered by CASALE PROJECT a.s. are based on process technologies provided by its sister company CASALE S.A. (Switzerland), which was acquired it from Borealis and that was formerly developed by Grande Paroisse S.A..

Typical figures:

  • Capacity 200- 2000 MTPD
  • Wide flexibility, 50–100 % of nominal load
  • Low consumption figures, 794–800 kg of Nitric acid and 215–216 kg of Ammonia per ton of Ammonium nitrate
  • Production of clean process condesate with content of Ammonium nitrate bellow 50 mg per liter



ANS ammonium nitrate solution, raw material for liquid fertilizers, LDAN, HDAN, urea ammonium nitrate

LDAN low density ammonium nitrate, for explosives

HDAN high density ammonium nitrate- nitrogen fertilizer

AN technical grade

CAN calcium ammonium nitrate- nitrogen fertilizer with Calcium, Magnesium or Sulphur